1. The LOGIBOX are made in one homogeneous piece of weather- and shockproof high quality polyethylene plastic material. It withstands abrasion, shocks and chemicals. The resin is food approved grade.

2. The standard colour is natural white. We can also make any colour the client wishes and permanent logo-markings are also possible to make.

3. Stacking design allows you to stack up to three fully packed LOGIBOXes to use transport space maximally. Storage of lightweight products can be handled without shelfs and if needed also outdoor.

4. When empty the LOGIBOX:es can be stored or transported efficiently as 10-12 pcs can be stacked inside each other and the lids goes on top of that. Therefore great savings can be made in transport- and storage space.


  • Maximum weight of products per box is 200kg
  • Weight 38 kg
  • Three full boxes can be stacked, height 2,10m
  • Measurements: length 1800mm, width 1000mm and height 700mm, 1260l
  • You can fit 42 pcs fully packed LOGIBOX packaging’s In a 13 meter long trailer
  • 42 pcs empty LOGIBOX:es = 3,6 load meter
  • 100% recycable resin
  • Shockproof
  • Cold resistant
  • UV-protected
  • Food approved resin
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


LOGIBOX – is suitable for many needs

Examples of areas of use

  • Handling, transporting and warehousing of different kinds and recyclable materials
  • Plastic industries
  • Component industries
  • Warehousing of different materials
  • Transport from production to assembly
  • Warehousing of weather-resistant components in outdoor warehouses

There are several areas of use and possibilities of use where

  • Disposable packaging’s can be omitted
  • Products can be stored without warehouse shelfs
  • The LOGIBOX:es can circulate from production, via interim storage to assembly